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erin davitt
Great idea!!! Thanks so much for sharing!
Comment from : erin davitt

Cvx 2dog
Thanks for this tip! I had some bulbs out in a very high pole barn and this hint did the trick.
Comment from : Cvx 2dog

Thanks! All I needed was the duct tape!
Comment from : Pursfiend

My 14 ft. high recessed light bulbs have been stuck for 8 years! I was ready to hire someone that would be very expensive when I found your video. Worked first time on both of them! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Comment from : DM

Kelly Vann
Thank you so much. Worked like a charm for my high ceiling fan. Saved me from getting out the ladder.
Comment from : Kelly Vann

Duct tape to the rescue .... again.
Comment from : seattwa

Nobby Clarke
Sure it worked, couldn't done without the 1:40 chit chat to camera though, Hollywood it ain't!
Comment from : Nobby Clarke

Lisa Russo
this worked, after messing with a bulb(for 10 mins), the tape tip worked in about 5 seconds. thank you for sharing!
Comment from : Lisa Russo

Jamie Wolak
This worked. I am the hero of the inlaws now. Thank you kind sir.
Comment from : Jamie Wolak

Comment from : 10fold

Thank you for sharing your solution! This worked for me.
Comment from : RobotechII

Vin S
Thanks for this video. We had the same situation, but had to use tape to reduce the circumference of the top piece rather than putting tape inside of it.
Comment from : Vin S

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